Wednesday Conference Sessions

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Bertrand Piccard Dr Bertrand Piccard

How to achieve the impossible


Hailing from a family of noted scientific adventurers, Bertrand followed his grandfather Auguste (who invented the pressurised cockpit and the stratospheric balloon), and father Jacques (who executed the world’s deepest dive). Bertrand emulated his grandfather by taking to the skies, becoming the first person to cross the Swiss-Italian Alps in a micro-light.

The next challenge was to travel around the world, non-stop by balloon. Bertrand and his team failed twice before he co-piloted the triumphant feat in the Breitling Orbiter, travelling over 28,000 miles in just under 20 days with no re-fuelling. He then conceived the Solar Impulse project. After years of design and testing, Bertrand broke a number of records co-piloting a year-long adventure circumnavigating the globe in an entirely solar-powered plane.

A true pioneer, Bertrand recounts an incredible and inspiring story of never giving up, even when the odds seem impossible and no-one else believes. He looks at the successes and failures from his projects, the lessons for both individuals and businesses as well as looking at a future of clean technologies.

  • Amaryllis Fox Amaryllis Fox

Lessons from my life in the CIA


Former CIA Clandestine Service Officer, writer and peace activist Amaryllis Fox studied International Law at Oxford University in 1999 and spent three years in Dili, East Timor and in Bosnia working on the reconciliation process to rebuild community trust in the wake of the 1995 massacre. Upon graduating she started work in international security at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. There she developed an algorithm to predict terrorist activity and was asked by the University’s CIA Officer in Residence, Dallas Jones, to share the algorithm with the agency. She soon began work as a political and terrorism analyst for South East Asia, commuting between Langley and Georgetown to finish her degree.

After graduating, she moved into the operational training program and served as a Clandestine Service Officer overseas until 2009. Following government service, Amaryllis used her coding abilities and international experience to start Mulu, an e-commerce company supporting at-risk communities around the world. In 2014, Amaryllis was recruited by Twitter to run consumer products for their global e-commerce business. She left Twitter to focus on writing full-time in 2015. Her book Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA was released in October 2019 and Apple is currently developing a TV series based on Amaryllis’s story for which she is an executive producer.

Seminar Sessions


These sessions run concurrently. Delegates can choose one of the following sessions to attend.

  • Rob Anarfi Rob Anarfi
    Global Head of Compliance, Beazley
  • Kathryn Knowles Kathryn Knowles
    MD, Cura
  • Sima Ruparelia Sima Ruparelia
    Chief Actuary, UK, Europe and Global Speciality, AIG
  • Barbara Schönhofer Barbara Schönhofer
    Founder, ISC Group
  • Jason Groves Jason Groves
    Global Director of Media Relations, Marsh and Chair, Dive In Festival

Diversity & Inclusion

BIBA is committed to advancing the discussion on diversity and inclusion and to bring about positive change. These unique speakers have helped to change the conversation around issues including gender, culture, disability, LGBT, mental health and much more. This session will look at how successful businesses are at tapping into a valuable resource that can improve their productivity and bottom line.

Learning Objectives – By attending this seminar delegates should be able to:

  • Explain the value and potential of diversity and inclusion in business
  • Describe how to make changes in their own business to benefit from diversity and inclusion
  • Explain how to eliminate discrimination from business
  • Anthony Gruppo Anthony Gruppo
    CEO, Marsh Commercial
  • Brendan McManus Brendan McManus
    CEO, PIB Group
  • Des O'Connor Des O'Connor
    CEO, Bravo Group
  • Sam White Sam White
    CEO, Freedom Brokers

Big Beast Brokers

There are several thousand insurance brokers in the UK and many of them are affiliated to, or owned to some degree, by a larger firm. These ‘big beasts’ often lead the way in market dynamics with innovations, product designand distribution. This high-profile panel is a rare opportunity to meet the movers and shakers of our industry and hear their high-level views.

Learning Objectives – By attending this seminar delegates should be able to:

  • List the key issues facing insurance brokers
  • Explain their understanding of the insurance market
  • Describe modern distribution methods
  • Sam Bobo Sam Bobo
    MD, Head of Underwriting, Opus Underwriting
  • Howard Phillips Howard Phillips
    Senior Account Executive, Willis Towers Watson
  • Dania Rifaat Dania Rifaat
    Speciality Claims Manager, Hiscox
  • Shaune Worrall Shaune Worrall
    Technical Services Manager, BIBA

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the next big thing in insurance risk. Every business has some form of intellectual property and is potentially in need of IP Insurance, be it their trading style, branding, process and know-how, design, copyright, customer base or product innovation.

Our leading panel will talk about the risks and opportunities with this pioneering new class of insurance.

Learning Objectives – By attending this seminar delegates should be able to:

  • Explain why a business needs to be protected from an infringement of their intellectual property
  • Explain the risks of infringing the intellectual property of another business
  • Describe how to protect against the different intellectual property risks