Fringe Sessions

Session 1 - Wednesday

13.15 - 14.00

The following sessions run concurrently


Building a winning proposition

Speakers : Nic Brown, UK Sales and Marketing Director, Markel

Differentiation is paramount to any successful business. So, how can you grow your business and stand out from the rest? Nic Brown, Markel UK’s Sales and Marketing Director, will explore this by demonstrating why brokers rate Markel five-stars for commercial lines with their bespoke sector propositions.

By attending this presentation, the audience will learn:

  • the business case for differentiation
  • proven strategies and case studies
  • how you can build winning propositions for your business

Building resilience with QBE

Speakers : Adam Shelverton, Rehabilitation Manager, QBE and guest speaker to be announced

QBE will explore how building inner strength enables employees to thrive and in turn strengthens a business’s resilience. QBE rehabilitation expert Adam Shelverton will outline what’s in it for businesses to focus on employee mental health and wellbeing and the tools that are available now to support.


Cyber conversation starters

Speakers : Lindsey Nelson, International Cyber Team Leader, CFC

Before talking about cyber insurance premiums and the coverage available, it’s important that clients first recognise the basic cyber risks faced by their business to bring awareness to where their major exposures lie or outline how insurance can respond. In this session we’ll review the top cyber claims trends in the UK market and provide key speaking points on how to talk about cyber with your clients.

By attending this presentation delegates should be able to:

  • describe top cyber claims trends in the UK market
  • identify key questions to address to determine client requirements
magenta insurance

How to proactively manage the EOW crisis that is debilitating our industry

Speakers : Catherine Bell, magenta insurance and their partners, Patrick Caiger-Smith, geo, with Questgates, Sedgwick, Evolution and HRN

We analyse the enormous financial impact that EOW incidents have on our customers, our individual businesses and our industry. We demonstrate how you can reduce the risk to your customer and your business. We discuss how customers can achieve otherwise unavailable or prohibitive cover, the impact on society, the environment and how we will use the water saved. Learn new ways of proactive and monitored risk mitigation, underwriting and claims management through a pioneering and unique partnership.

By attending this session, the audience will learn:

  • what the risks and threats are to customers and our industry
  • how proactively using technology significantly reduces the risks for customer, broker and insurer
  • better placement options and more competitive cover availability for brokers
  • the impact of ecological and insurance losses on pricing and society

Premium Credit’s market index

Speakers : Owen Thomas, Chief Sales Officer, Premium Credit

Keen to understand how the changing price of insurance and how the changing purchasing habits of consumers could impact the insurance industry? We are launching our consumer insurance index in 2020, providing key insights on how to unlock deeper relationships with your customers.

Unique to the insurance sector, our Market Index will track:

  1. Insurance pricing index
  2. Payments index

With premium finance an important commission income stream, brokers and insurers can use this information to inform pricing and profitability.

By attending this presentation, the audience will identify:

  • the changing insurance purchase behaviour for consumers and SMEs
  • growth or decline in insurance products
  • the size of the finance opportunity within their existing and future business

With this knowledge, the attendee will be able to benchmark their business, identify growth opportunities and take immediate action to increase their commercial return.