Fringe Sessions

Session 2 - Wednesday

15.30 - 16.15

The following sessions run concurrently


A new approach to insurance analysis: alternative data and artificial intelligence

Speakers : Alem Husain, Associate Director, New Product Development, S&P Global Market Intelligence

Alem Husain will discuss how S&P Global Market Intelligence uses technology and innovation to design solutions for business problems, including the use of alternative data to curate actionable insights.

Technology and the growing needs of our customers are driving innovation at S&P Global. Notable examples of implementation for artificial intelligence/machine learning and natural language processing include our in-house linking algorithm, natural language search, and alternative data. Alem will delve into these technologies, with a particular emphasis on linking and its significance in insurance workflows. Furthermore, two UK-based case studies will be presented highlighting the early warning indicators capability of our analytic models, as well as a new trade payment model.

By attending this presentation, delegates should be able to:

  • explain what artificial intelligence/machine learning and natural language processing are, and how they are relevant for and can be used in insurance workflows
  • describe what early warning indicators are and how they can pre-empt a bankruptcy, ratings download, or other special event

Property Insurance: How can your clients understand their price of risk and get the most from their policy?

Speakers : Rasmus Nygard, Head of UK Commercial Property and Lexington Property, AIG

The last few years saw Cat activity affecting multinationals and global supply chains.  In the UK extreme weather and flooding also impacted businesses. Whatever might happen to rates, businesses are able to control their property exposure by understanding their own price of risk.  And post claim they can get back up and running through quick responses.

This session explains the levers that impact pricing so brokers can advise clients how to optimise premiums through aligned risk management. It will provide insights into risk engineering flashpoints, as well as how AIG’s 7 day claims promise made a difference to affected businesses.

By attending this presentation delegates will learn:

  • how levers impact pricing
  • how to optimise client premiums
  • insights into risk engineering points

The digital revolution of insurance: what this means for the broker channel

Speakers : Andy Fairchild, Chief Executive Officer, Applied Systems Europe

The insurance industry is in the midst of a rapid change. New competitors, new market dynamics, and new technology are shifting customer experiences and how they interact with companies, purchase and service their products on their terms in real-time.

To compete in this experience-first landscape, brokers must digitally transform to provide differentiated customer experiences and stay a step ahead of the competition to win. Join Applied’s European CEO, Andy Fairchild as he highlights current industry trends, speaking to the key drivers behind them and outlines how leading brokers are harnessing Digital to grow their book of business and provide the most value to their customers.

By attending this presentation delegates should be able to:

  • recognise the trends creating new challenges and opportunities for their business
  • identify opportunities to leverage technology to increase productivity and value for their business
  • learn first-hand how their peers are digitally transforming and seeing success

Turning the tide; diving into flood resilience and mitigating the risk

Speakers : Ian Gibbs, National Technical Manager, Sedgwick International UK

Extreme winter rainfall is now seven times more likely, due to climate change. River floods, surface water incidents and tidal risk are all by-products of this, and the impacts to those affected can be devastating. In the commercial space, SMEs are recognised as the most vulnerable – a whopping 40% of whom don’t resurface after a flood. Obtaining robust insurance cover is the key to survival – but it isn’t as simple – or as affordable – as you might think.

In this session our National Technical Manager and resilience services expert Ian Gibbs takes a deep dive into the strategies SMEs can take to mitigate the risk. Ian sits on DEFRA’s Property Flood Resilience Roundtable and contributed to the recently launched flood resilience Code of Practice. Breaking down the Code will form one of the elements of his presentation.

By attending this presentation, delegates should be able to:

  • explain all relevant components of the Flood Resilience Code of Practice in terms of practical application for SMEs
  • list the strategies SMEs can take to mitigate flood risk
  • demonstrate the value of a flood strategy to insurers